While on my road trip across America I had the pleasure of exploring the rural and gorgeously desolate deserts of West Texas. Going west on US-90 from San Antonio is the best way to enter the back country of the High Chihuahuan Desert. A couple hours south-west from San Antonio, after you drive through the towns of Hondo, Knippa, and Uvalde, you arrive into the border town of Del Rio. The hot and dusty town right on the Rio Grande River reminded me of home in a bizarre way. The small community, with its big focus on industrials and cross border trade reminded me of Detroit in an ephemeral way. Like many small towns in America, the downtown core was struggling, businesses had closed and the town's population had stagnated. But of all of the places on my trip, this place seemed to be the most welcoming, with some of the kindest and warmest strangers I had met on the 12,000 mile trip. It truly is a goal of mine to return to the town in the future and spend time with the townsfolk and the local community to understand how this oddly familiar place functions, and why it feels like home to me. Below are a variety of photos that I took in the one afternoon that I had to myself in the town of Del Rio, Texas. This is, A Day in Del Rio

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